About me

My name is Tomiwa Adewumi. I am currently a 4th-year Computer science student at the University of Prince Edward Island. My love for technology is driven by discovering new things and learning them. I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities through meeting new people and trying out new projects. In my free time, I love playing video games like Apex, Call of Duty e.t.c. I always have the enthusiasm to learn new things.

My dream is to build something that it is functional and user-friendly and will make a long lasting impact on the world

What i'm doing

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    Web design

    The most modern and high-quality design made at a professional level.

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    Web development

    High-quality development of sites at the professional level.

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    Mobile apps

    Professional development of applications for iOS and Android.

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    UI/UX Design

    Design intuitive digital experiences that engage and delight users.



  1. University of Prince Edward island

    2022 — 2025
    1. Current 4th year Student

    2. Relevant courses completed: Web Development, Programming Practices, Linear Algebra, Data Structures and Algorithms, Software Design and Architecture, Operating Systems, Android Development.


  1. Software Dev Engineer Intern

    Amazon Canada Fulfillment Services, ULC.

    May 2023 — Aug 2023
    1. Implemented a local cache using Google Guava library, reducing data retrieval latency by 20%, and enhancing overall system responsiveness.

    2. Designed and implemented a distributed cache system using Redis and AWS ElastiCache, improving data access latency and persistence.

    3. Incorporated metrics tracking in the cache implementation to monitor cache utilization and performance, contributing to data-driven optimization and resource allocation decisions.

  2. Teaching Assistant

    University of Prince Edward Island

    Jan 2023 — May 2023
    1. Assisted in passing across course content and providing feedback to questions.

    2. Evaluated and graded student assessments, ensuring accuracy and consistency in grading, and provided constructive feedback to improve their understanding of course materials.

    3. Collaborated with course instructors to develop course materials and lesson plans, contributing to the effective delivery of the course.


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